Adaga has been increasing its focus in South America and for that, we are pleased to introduce Adaga Solutions’ representatives in Brazil and Colombia.​

In Brazil, Ricardo Aboud brings his wide international and local experience to our customers. His strong engineering and executive background will help our customers to benefit from Adaga’s portfolio.
In Colombia, Luis Mayor brings his wide network, long and international experience and strong engineering background to support Adaga customers on the ground.

Adaga’s upstream platform for geosteering, drilling optimization, data management, and digitalization is an exceptional alternative to the current few options in the market, reducing drastically the overall costs of a project. These options do not only work as a substitute but also reduce the dependency in the very short list of possibilities.

Get in touch with Ricardo at raboud@adagasolutions.com and with Luis at lmayor@adagasolutions.com and try our suite to find how you can also save money. You can also reach them out through ricardoaboud.com.

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