Drilling Optimizations

Enhance performance
through drilling optimizations

As a service, we offer drilling optimization, utilizing our GOperform rig management software. Drilling optimizations are essential to solving our customers’ most complex problems, such as identifying inefficiencies in the drilling process and overall rig operations. Our engineers have extensive experience in this field and have performed work for companies including Shell, EXXON, TNK-BP, Rosneft, LUKOIL and Gazprom. We analyze all the technical data, including calculations for directional drilling.

Real Time Drilling Optimization

Our approach to drilling optimizations

We recognize the impossibility of manually analyzing operations in real-time, which is why we developed a software to automate the process. We utilize our proprietary GOperform software to generate automated reports that we then analyze. We also offer drilling recommendations and technical solutions as part of our comprehensive approach to drilling optimization and our commitment to exceptional service.

Avoid hazards &
minimize risks

Utilizing state-of-the-art oil drilling software enables us to monitor performance and predict results faster and with greater accuracy. Identifying and evaluating real-time divergence allows us to recognize potential hazards and minimize the effects of drilling errors and risks. As an added service, we can also provide geosteering services to help optimize the accuracy of geosteered wells.

Real Time Drilling Optimization
Real Time Drilling Optimization

Maximize drilling performance

We perform turnkey, real-time drilling optimizations to maximize the overall performance of your rig. Our services include optimizing everything from well trajectory and borehole stability to directional tool design and drilling parameters. Utilizing the real-time data generated by GOperform, we’re able to continually manage and monitor daily drilling activity.

Eliminate operational inefficiencies

We employ our services to help companies minimize downtime and reduce the cost of operational inefficiencies. We leverage powerful algorithms to set up alarms and notifications of exceeded time, KPIs, equipment use, and more. Our services involve setting time limits for each project. Any overage time is deemed inefficient and should be analyzed and evaluated.
geosteering services
drilling optimizations

GOperform Software

GOperform is our rig management software, optimized to analyze rig performance. The daily reports, summaries, and analytics briefs provided by GOperform enable teams to enhance drilling performance and complete operational analysis in real-time. The software can decrease overall well construction time by half.

Because each well counts

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