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A platform that receives WITS data from the rig and converts it to WITSML.

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GOstream software

GOstream software works like a WITSML server that receives any kind of real-time data from the rig, including mud logs, drilling parameters, LWD logs, and MWD data in WITS (or WITSML) format, then converts it to WITSML. From the GOstream server, the data can be uploaded in real-time into any petrotechnical software or accessed and visualized through a web browser. Once logged in, the data continuously streams to give you full visibility. You can install the software on the rig server, your company’s server, a rented server, or even the cloud and GOstream works with any rig or LWD sensors. Eliminate data loss and increase productivity with GOstream by ADAGA.

Key benefits of our GOstream software

GoStream software


GoStream software


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GoStream software


Powerful rig to
office connection

GOstream serves as a powerful connection tool to increase communication and transparency between the rig and the office. When used alongside GEOSTEERING OFFICE, GOstream makes geosteering as seamless as possible and allows teams to visualize logs and summaries for each well. GOstream can be installed on any server because at ADAGA, we believe in offering ruggedized solutions to meet your needs and improve your processes.

Seamless data
conversion & transfer

While still actively used by many well sites and drilling companies, WITS has been superseded by WITSML for the specification of choice for transferring drilling rig-related data. One of the most useful features of GOstream is its ability to convert WITS data into WITSML seamlessly. GOstream transfers, converts, and stores data in WITSML format.

Minimized data loss

ADAGA’s proprietary GOstream software helps to maximize productivity by eliminating the risk of data loss. With a low-speed internet connection, the software first buffers data in the local database and then almost instantly pushes compressed packets to the Gostream server filling existing gaps in data. Each bunch sent by our transmitter is confirmed with a small answer packet from the GOstream receiver to ensure transmission quality. Make the most of every minute spent drilling with GOstream software by ADAGA Solutions.

Benefits of using
a WITSML server

The main benefit of using WITSML over WITS format is data delivery speed. Because WITSML is web-based, built on XML technology, it is independent of both language and platform. The versatility lends itself well to be used for various applications. Faster and easier access to well site data is vital for operators to make better decisions and increase productivity. Connect better and with better data. Talk to us about setting up a GOstream WITSML test server today.

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Geosteering Experience

As a service, we’ve successfully geosteered over 200 wells since 2014 using our GEOSTEERING OFFICE software. Our geosteering services are carried out daily, around the clock. Two geosteering engineers per shift perform the loading and processing of the data and give recommendations for changing the well’s trajectory when necessary.

Key features of
GOstream software

Because each well counts

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