on horizontal wells geosteering

Unique and first in the world
real-time simulator

April 22 - 24
Moscow 2020
Moscow 2020

The unique opportunity to independently support the geosteeringof horizontal wells in the conditions of real-time drilling. Using an interactive geosteering simulator,created by our team.


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Why is geosteering training important?

Geosteering service requires practice and experience, and this is inevitably associated with making mistakes and wrong decisions. The price of making a wrong decision on a real well can vary from a few hours of non-productive time to a million-dollar sidetrack or a million barrels of oil that can never be extracted. These factors make learning on a real horizontal well an extremely expensive training ground. At the same time, geosteering mistakes form the most experienced and strongest specialists.

What benefits you receive attending this course?

  • The students will experience unique opportunity to independently support the geosteering of horizontal wells in the conditions of real-time drilling, using an interactive simulator, created by our team specifically to bring the course as close as possible to the actual working condition
  • The students will acknowledge the link between fundamentals of geosteering, geology, directional drilling, M/LWD and how to utilize these knowledge in terms of making decision in real-time drilling under time pressure.
  • As part of this training, participants will master the necessary knowledge to build a preliminary simulation and develop a strategy for drilling a horizontal well. Using a unique interactive simulator, participants will independently follow the drilling of at least three horizontal wells, while learning how to independently make timely and technically correct trajectory corrections, update the geological model, and justify changing of the drilling strategy.

Training type variety

for geosteering engineers and operational geologists

who are going to apply geosteering skills in their day-to-day jobs. By the end of the course, you should be ready to perform a geosteering job by yourself. In this case training consists of 3 days, 2 out of 3 days assume the practical work using interactive real-time simulator (at least 3 wells supposed to be geosteered)

for non-geosteering specialists

such as supervisors, geologists, modelers, DDs, MWDs, etc., who are dealing with horizontal wells and need to understand the deep processes and why drilling according to a plan is not an option. In this case the training duration could be adjusted for 1 or 2 days according to the goals and previous experience of the group.

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FEEDBACK from our participants

  • Liubov Kosareva

    Liubov Kosareva

    Production Geologist
    Salym Petroleum Development N.V

    Three-day geosteering course, in my opinion, is very useful and informative.
    I, as a Production geologist with the experience of geosteering of horizontal wells for 1.5 years in the geological platform PETREL, received a very important amount of theoretical and practical information on MWD and telemetry, logging and images while drilling. And most importantly, I got acquainted with a special software package for geosteering horizontal wells, which allows performing geological section modeling, including lithology and structure behavior according to actual measurements and synthetic logs from offset wells. With significant facies variation of the cut and the uncertainty of the structural factor, this is of great importance.
    The course provided a real-time geosteering of several horizontal wells with various geological risks, with modeling of a geological section, with images and monitoring of directional measurements.
    My recommendation is to attend geosteering courses to improve the efficiency of horizontal wells geosteering and improve theoretical knowledge as well.

  • Andrey Kudrickiy

    Andrey Kudrickiy

    Oil and gas production department Rechitsaneft Production Association “Belorusneft”

    I work as a geosteering geologist. During the course of geosteering training, I got an important practical skill in steering the wells on the simulator in real time. This simulator allows you to perform adjustments and modeling of the geological section in real time. I would like to thank Daniil Ignatov and Anton Shirshov, who helped me in mastering this program.

    I advise this training for young professionals who work in drilling to improve the efficiency of well placement and geosteering in various geological conditions."

  • Head of department

    Practical skills coaching and clear theory explanations with up to date geosteering technologies awareness. Well-structured content. Alternation of practical and theoretical activities with networking coffee brakes allowed to stay vigorous and focused for the entire course duration. Best practices in format “what to pay attention to...” are very valuable for operators to manage service companies more efficient

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If you are interested to attend the training, please fill the form. We receive your message and contact you to clarify details.