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Oil Drilling Software
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We solve the industry’s most common problems. Our unique well planning software products can enhance the accuracy of well placement, replace gaps in your communication and data transfer processes, and save you time and money through continual rig management. Our team of geosteerers, geologists, drilling engineers and programmers have extensive experience in the oil and gas industry, backed by thousands of successful geosteering projects.


What Makes ADAGA Solutions Unique

Geosteering Software

SaaS solution

We offer all-in-one software solutions. Each of our products is available as a SaaS, integrating seamlessly with your current system and effectively replacing several outdated processes.

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24/7 technical

At ADAGA Solutions, supporting our clients is always a priority. While we have a global influence, we maintain a high level of customer service with 24/7 technical support via email.

Geosteering Software

Flexible &
intuitive interfacing

We design our software to be user-friendly and intuitive. Our flagship software, GO24, is robust, reliable, and extremely intuitive. Our products are versatile to meet your unique needs.

Improve accuracy of
well placement

GEOSTEERING OFFICE is our proprietary geosteering software, designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of well placement. Operating in real-time, it is the most logical and practical drilling software solution available. With embedded tools for engineering, customizable reporting capabilities, and an intuitive interface, GEOSTEERING OFFICE offers the best value for the best price.

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Geosteering Experience

As a service, we’ve successfully geosteered over 200 wells since 2014 using our GEOSTEERING OFFICE software. Our geosteering services are carried out daily, around the clock. Two geosteering engineers per shift perform the loading and processing of the data and give recommendations for changing the well’s trajectory when necessary.

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Geosteering Software

Decrease rig time

GOperform is our rig management software, optimized to analyze rig performance. The daily reports, summaries, and analytics briefs provided by GOperform enable teams to enhance drilling performance and complete operational analysis in real-time. The software can decrease overall well construction time by half. Visualization aids can also help give an unbiased assessment of work performed, an intuitive feature for both technical and non-technical team members.

Drilling Optimization

From delivery optimization to drilling performance optimization and turnkey drilling engineering and operations, we recognize that optimizing your processes to be more flexible can ultimately reduce overall drilling costs.

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GoStream software

Transform data
in real-time

GOstream software is a platform that receives real-time data from the rig in WITS or WITSML format. The software converts, transfers, and stores the data as necessary. From the GOstream server, the data can easily be loaded into any geosteering software or accessed and visualized through a web browser. GOstream effectively replaces gaps in data transfer and eliminates the risk of data loss.

Geosteering Software


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Improvement in well-construction time

Goperform is a proprietary automated tool that analyzes and optimizes rig performance. Reduce well-construction times by half with ADAGA's proprietary GOperform software.

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Wells geosteered using GEOSTEERING OFFICE each year

GEOSTEERING OFFICE is a robust, reliable, fast, and user-friendly software. Since its launch in 2013, GEOSTEERING OFFICE has been instrumental in helping our clients successfully geosteer thousands of wells.

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When it comes to well planning software, full system integration is integral to the overall functionality of the product. Our flagship GEOSTEERING OFFICE geosteering software is a complete suite of integrated tools for steering horizontal and highly deviated wells. It maximizes the efficiency of geosteering by integrating all the necessary data with the correlation and modelling tools. GOstream, on the other hand, integrates with your server to function as a link and seamlessly transport information between the rig and the office. While GOperform is a standalone software, its fully automated capabilities make it easy to integrate into any existing software suite.

Because each well counts

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