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We offer hands-on geosteering training and courses to improve your team's education and ensure you are receiving the full value from our solutions.

Geosteering fuses geology and drilling, demanding swift decision-making and seamless communication between field experts and clients to position horizontal wells effectively. ADAGA doesn't just offer a suite of well-planning software like ePerform, and eStream; it also provides geosteering training. While a grasp of geology helps, mastering efficient geosteering hinges on experience and expertise.

Beyond tools, ADAGA delivers support, education, and learning opportunities, empowering your team to improve its operations.

Valuable for All Experience Levels

Our training proves effective whether you're a seasoned geosteering engineer or a non-specialist. Geosteering engineers and operational geologists deeply entrenched in daily geosteering tasks will gain independence in project execution through our course. For other specialists like supervisors, modelers, DDs, MWDs, and more, this training offers a comprehensive understanding of the process.

It provides valuable insights into the decision-making within geosteering teams, enriching your overall perspective.

Because geosteering and rig management occur in real-time, quick decision making and problem-solving are vital skills to ensure success. That type of intuition is best developed through rigorous practice, trial and error, and learning from mistakes. Unfortunately, trial and error or making the wrong decision in the field can be severely costly. At ADAGA, we provide the opportunity for you to learn without the risk of millions of dollars on the line.

Cost-Effective Learning

Given the real-time nature of geosteering and rig management, swift decision-making and effective problem-solving skills are essential for success. The development of such intuition is most effectively achieved through rigorous practice, learning from mistakes, and trial and error. However, the high costs associated with trial and error or making incorrect decisions in the field can be prohibitive. At ADAGA, we offer a risk-free learning opportunity, allowing you to enhance your skills without the financial stakes of millions of dollars on the line.

Industry Leading Experts & Real Work Experience

With a wealth of expertise gained from numerous geosteering assignments and drilling optimizations, our team boasts extensive knowledge. Having encountered diverse formations, tools, and measurements, we've developed unique simulations mirroring real-world scenarios. Our dedicated team of professional geosteering engineers is enthusiastic about sharing their insights and experiences.

Gain priceless live experience of geosteering in realistic simulations. Our geosteering training combines the fundamental principles of geosteering, geology, drilling, and LWD/MWD measurements and includes essentials like time management for geosteering in real-time and the steps of pre-job modeling. You will also have the opportunity to practice two major methods of geosteering: model-compare-update and image-dip-picking. In short, learn everything you need to know about successfully geosteering wells in the 21st century.
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