Adaga has been increasing its focus in South America and for that, we are pleased to introduce Adaga Solutions’ representatives in Brazil and Colombia.​

In Brazil, Ricardo Aboud brings his wide international and local experience to our customers. His strong engineering and executive background will help our customers to benefit from Adaga’s portfolio.
In Colombia, Luis Mayor brings his wide network, long and international experience and strong engineering background to support Adaga customers on the ground.

Adaga’s upstream platform for geosteering, drilling optimization, data management, and digitalization is an exceptional alternative to the current few options in the market, reducing drastically the overall costs of a project. These options do not only work as a substitute but also reduce the dependency in the very short list of possibilities.

Get in touch with Ricardo at and with Luis at and try our suite to find how you can also save money. You can also reach them out through

Football in the Krasnoyarsk Region is a popular sport, likewise in the whole world. Regularly held tournaments and competitions between players, both at the professional level, and amateurs! But first, it is important to provide a base for sports and develop youth teams.

Our company is in favor of active lifestyles. And within the framework of its initiative to support the development of sports in the region, it has been sponsoring the youth football team of the city of Kansk for several years already. So this year on a regular basis was purchased a full outfit for the players of the team, balls, boots, and inventory.

We wish the team further sports successes and new championships!

From July 30 to August 3, 2018, the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after I.M. Gubkin opened its doors to more than 80 participants and lecturers of the International Summer School.

This year, the summer school was taught in the framework of the UTFORSK program with the direct support of the universities of Stavanger and Molde. Summer schools were divided into three areas: “Technologies for effective and safe development of the Arctic”, “Arctic Logistics” and “Modern technologies for well construction.”

The school was attended by 60 foreign students from 18 countries and 19 universities. 28 lecturers from six countries of the world delivered their lectures. Lecturers were teachers of Russian and foreign universities, as well as specialists from large oil and gas companies.

Besides lectures within the framework of the International Summer School of Education, two working meetings were held on grants with representatives of the University of Stavanger and the University of Molde.

12 volunteering students of Gubkin University assisted in the organization of summer school activities.
Geosteering Training
Our company conducted an interactive presentation about geosteering for the students. They were receiving real-time LWD data to their computers and made an analysis of the data, and changed their model, trying to predict the best geological scenario.

On October 30, 2017, Our company once again conducted an open seminar on geosteering for students of the Russian State University of Oil and Gas named after Gubkin.

Students of different disciplines in an interactive mode learned the basics of geosteering, placing a well within the target interval.


October 28, 2017 in Irkutsk training on geosteering for specialists of the Irkutsk Oil Companywas conducted.

Among the listeners, there were both specialists engaged directly in geosteering, as well as specialists whose competence includes work with horizontal wells – geologists, developers, drillers.

The training included a theory of the basics of measurements – logging and telemetry, presentation of geosteering methods, and a well placement practice in the Geosteering Office software.

The championship of Russia in pankration took place on April 13-16, 2017 in Samara.

More than 1000 sportsmen of mixed martial arts took part in the competitions in all weight and age categories. Between them was played about 300 medals and the right to play for the Russian team at the World Cup.

Like the fighters of mixed martial arts, the company “Geonavigation” strives to be the best in its field, has the same strong spirit of competition and the desire to win. That’s why we decided to sponsor the Krasnoyarsk Territory team at the All-Russian competitions, thereby giving the opportunity for the participants to prove themselves, and to show the best what the Siberians are capable of!

We wish success to our regional team in the team classification, as well as individual victories for each athlete!

the final concert of the social and creative project “Let There Always Be Me!” Was held on December 3, 2016 in the Krasnoyarsk musical theater.

Aware of the importance of such events organized for the purpose of adapting disabled children to the environment of healthy peers through creativity, the company “Geonavigation” did not stand aside and was able to give special children an unforgettable holiday, positive emotions and new acquaintances!

The organizers of the project are the Krasnoyarsk Regional Public Organization of Disabled Persons “Shield” and the Children’s Musical Theater “Magic Microphone”.

For several months the disabled children prepared for the performance and rehearsed their numbers with the well-known professional collectives of the city of Krasnoyarsk. The concert was watched by over 700 children.

As Nadezhda Kulikova, the president of the Shchiit organization, said, communication with special children educates society and teaches people to take care:

“Such projects are needed to identify talented children who, like all of us, have the right to display their own” I “, to recognize, not to exist, but to live fully, with joy, with an open mind.”

Below is just a small part of the reviews about this project from its grateful participants and viewers:

“Great project, very touching and warm. They were present at the concert as spectators, very exciting and at a decent level. Many really talented children and young people with disabilities had the opportunity to enter the stage on a par with professionals and show their talent! “

Julia Soldatova


“Thank you to Nadezhda Vladimirovna for organizing the project” Let There Always Be Me “, we took the children of a large family to a concert for the children, the children liked the concert, they never saw a child like that, and the grown-ups had tears in their eyes. It is felt that the project was realized by people with a large, broad soul. Special children need such performances, so that they would adapt in life and achieve great success, no matter what. I hope that this project will continue to help children and the sick and healthy, from low-income families, to inspire them with hope for a better future. Thanks to Nadezhda Vladimirovna, our wards have the opportunity to attend concerts, circus performances, theater performances, go on a boat, go to the zoo, etc., their parents do not have the opportunity to cultivate and entertain children because of the circumstances. We wholeheartedly thank you Nadezhda Vladimirovna, a low bow to you, God bless you and you, you are so necessary for everyone, both children and adults !!! “

Anna Zagretdinova


“The most touching and bright concert I was lucky to visit! The performance of young artists with limited physical abilities together with professionals left a vivid and unforgettable impression !!! Nadezhda Vladimirovna, thank you very much for organizing such an IMPORTANT and necessary Project! We really hope that the project “Let There Always Be Me” will be on a permanent basis and all your plans will be realized !!! God grant you prosperity! Energy! Well-being! “

Nadezhda Mushtukova


“I want to express my great gratitude and to say THANK YOU to the whole team of the KCOOISCHIT, in particular, to the organizer, the head of the project” Let There Always Be Me! ” , Kulikova Nadezhda Vladimirovna !!! This is a titanic work that is usually not visible to anyone and remains, so to speak, “behind the scenes”, and on the way out we see a really successful HOLIDAY! Such a grandiose and large-scale event, with the participation of famous vocal performers and children with disabilities, in the Krasnoyarsk Territory never happened. I, attended the concert as a spectator, can not be conveyed in words, those emotions that I experienced during the concert. First of all, it’s a pride, for those people who care for all the children who need help and support. Tears of joy and happiness. Each number is thought over to trifles, a hairdo, magnificent costumes, a song and a dance are selected for each child. What a delight the children experienced on stage. The whole audience applauded standing, not letting go of the participants of this enchanting feast. Thank you Sponsors !!! Which help to carry out such holidays and give children the opportunity to feel themselves full members of society. Nadezhda Vladimirovna !!!, I want to wish you, Huge patience, strength, good health. !!! Realization of new ideas !!! Let the project, “Let Always I will!”, Develops, brings joy and happiness to us, the audience, and those who are on the stage !!!!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!”

Olga Ryabinina (Manshina)

We are glad to inform you that on January 27, 2014 the process of commercialization of the software Geosteering Office® has finalized. In this regard, we announce the beginning of sales!

Taking this opportunity, we remind you that Geosteering Ltd. is the exclusive supplier of this software support of all over the world.

We guarantee quality and attentive attitude to each user!