drilling optimizations

A rig management software designed to help make the most of your well site operations.

drilling optimizations

rig management software

GOperform makes the impossible possible. Real-time operational analysis is completely unfeasible for drilling engineers, but that’s what GOperform does best. As a state-of-the-art rig management software, GOperform is designed to recognize and analyze on-the-go operations and real-time rig KPIs. GOperform provides automatic drilling analytics and reporting, including real-time KPI recognition, drilling operations summaries, daily rig and shift reports, analysis of previously drilled wells, and drilling performance monitoring. With access to these metrics, operators are better equipped to maximize and enhance rig performance. GOperform is a stand-alone software that must be installed on-site and may be used alongside other well planning software such as ADAGA’s GEOSTEERING OFFICE or GOstream.

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Highlight time inefficiencies and reduce construction time

Identifying and analyzing KPIs leads to performance improvements. Drilling KPIs are often linked to crew shifts, and GOperform factors human errors and inefficiencies when determining overall rig performance. Report visualization aids to quickly turn the spotlight on KPI deviation and gives an unbiased assessment of work performed, which is intuitive both for technical and non-technical team members. Maximize your ROI and save time and money with GOperform. Any operations with deviation from target values are highlighted in daily reports. Rig operators can then determine the reason behind any non-productive time and choose how to eliminate it and to what extent.

Unbiased automated reporting & notifications

GOperform eliminates all inaccuracies caused by biases. The automatically generated reports provide snapshots of rig performance operations. GOperform indicates precise metrics for how much time is currently spent and how much time can be saved each day. Trust the unbiased reports to recognize any operations that exceed allotted or necessary time and identify the inefficient time spent.

Compare KPIs from multiple wells easily using our online Multiwell Report tool, creating a database of performance and tracking all events that might delay the well construction.

Eliminate drilling problems

Integrated with time analysis, our software also makes possible the monitoring of real-time Torque and Drag, amongst other depths parameters. These tools make possible the observation of these variables to avoid recurrent problems, especially while drilling highly deviated or horizontal wells. Maximize drilling and tripping operations by using our machine learning tools developed to assist drillers and engineers. GOperform allows the inclusion of new data generation by using our “script” option inside the software, where the client itself or ourselves, as per your request deploy new functionalities with no delay.

Plan proactively with high-performing rig software

Plan better and smarter with GOperform by ADAGA Solutions. The analytics reports automatically generated by GOperform can serve as the main documents for discussing results and future planning. Proactive planning can help to maximize productivity. Historical drilling analytics can also help to balance the maintenance of rig equipment efficiently so that you can save time and money on unexpected repairs of overworked equipment.

Drilling Optimization

From delivery optimization to drilling performance optimization and turnkey drilling engineering and operations, we recognize that optimizing your processes to be more flexible can ultimately reduce overall drilling costs.

drilling optimizations

Key features of GOperform
rig management software

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