A complete suite of integrated software tools for steering horizontal and highly deviated wells.

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GEOSTEERING OFFICE is an integrated software equipped with advanced engineering tools, including 3D views, maps, multiwell correlation panels, and 3D models. It operates both in real-time with a WITSML connection and in offline mode for use at remote locations. Our well planning software can tackle various geological conditions using LWD/MWD readings combined with images, mud logging data, 3D grids, seismic cross-sections, and geochemical data for hybrid steering. The software is logical and practical, with a unique suite of tools that enables precise landing and well positioning down to the decimal. Geosteering Office is easy and efficient to use with smart customizable alarms, automated reports, and time-based curves and indications, all at your fingertips.

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geosteering companies


geosteering companies


Advanced software equipped with engineering tools

With Geosteering Office software, you can build an unlimited number of geosteering scenarios and use several offset wells to find the best match. The software’s capabilities also include updating 3D structural models, combining synthetic logs with information about formation dips to clarify structure behaviour, characterizing a reservoir with the embedded petrophysical calculator, well forecasting for precise landing, and drilling trajectory planning.

Customizable reporting and conditional alarms

Our software effectively eliminates the need to spend countless hours preparing reports. Geosteering Office features report templates, customizable in a couple of clicks, and then generates reporting emails automatically. You can also automatically stream and share screenshots of 3D views, maps, geosteering scenarios, and well correlation panels with clients and team members using the complimentary web-based GOstream account. Geosteering Office software also enables decision tracking, conditional alarms, and curve value flagging.

The best value for an outstanding price

While the industry has sustained several blows due to the current supply and demand situation, we offer a solution that features the best value for the best price — the Geosteering Office software. In addition, try our GOstream WITS/WITSML server and GOperform drilling analytics software. Our full suite of products can help you save money on geosteering services, integration with WITSML data transmission, and rig Invisible Lost Time (ILT) calculations.

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Intuitive interfacing

Do you struggle with Access and Excel-based geosteering software? Geosteering Office is a fast, single-file environment with logical and user-friendly interfacing. Geosteering Office was created by geosteering geologists for geosteering geologists. Once you load a project into the software, it works fast and without time lags, giving you real-time performance. Everything about our oil-drilling software is intuitively efficient, from loading multiple image logs to performing 3D structural model updates.

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Geosteering Experience

As a service, we’ve successfully geosteered over 200 wells since 2014 using our GEOSTEERING OFFICE software. Our geosteering services are carried out daily, around the clock. Two geosteering engineers per shift perform the loading and processing of the data and give recommendations for changing the well’s trajectory when necessary.

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