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Geosteering is a combination of geology and drilling. It requires fast decision-making and good communication between the specialists in the field and the client for the successful placement of a horizontal well. In addition to providing an entire suite of well-planning software, including GEOSTEERING OFFICE for geosteering, GOperform for rig management, and GOstream for connectivity, ADAGA also offers geosteering training and courses. While an understanding of geology is advantageous, successful, efficient geosteering relies on experience and skill. We don’t just provide the tools you need to succeed; we also offer support, knowledge, and education. Take your operations to a new level with ADAGA.

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Whether you are a geosteering engineer or a non-geosteering specialist, our training is effective. For geosteering engineers and operational geologists for whom geosteering is a part of the day-to-day, our course will prepare you to perform projects independently. For all other specialists, including supervisors, modellers, DDs, MWDs, etc., geosteering training provides a deeper understanding of the process, granting greater insight into the decision-making of your geosteering teammates.
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Geosteering Training


Geosteering Training


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Geosteering office

We utilize GEOSTEERING OFFICE geosteering software for all geosteering courses. The software, used in the field by geosteering professionals, offers students the ability to practice loading data, prepare and update models, make decisions in real-time, and produce reports quickly and easily. We familiarize students with our suite of well-planning software, including GEOSTEERING OFFICE and GOstream software, to prepare them for real-life applications.

Industry-leading experts

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience gained from working on hundreds of geosteering jobs and drilling optimizations. As a result of dealing with every possible kind of formation, tool and measurement, we have made a number of distinctive simulations to imitate real-world situations. Our team of professional geosteering engineers is committed to sharing their experiences. Contact us today to start learning.

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Geosteering Course

Real-world experience

Gain priceless live experience of geosteering in realistic simulations. Our geosteering training combines the fundamental principles of geosteering, geology, drilling and LWD/MWD measurements and includes essentials like time management for geosteering in real-time and the steps of pre-job modelling. You will also have the opportunity to practice two major methods of geosteering: model-compare-update and image-dip-picking. In short, learn everything you need to know about successfully geosteering wells in the 21st century.

Cost-effective learning

Because geosteering and rig management occur in real-time, quick decision making and problem-solving are vital skills to ensure success. That type of intuition is best developed through rigorous practice, trial and error, and learning from mistakes. Unfortunately, trial and error or making the wrong decision in the field can be severely costly. At ADAGA, we provide the opportunity for you to learn without the risk of millions of dollars on the line.

Geosteering Course